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      Hefei isoolefine Biological Technology Co.,Ltd Our company is specialized in research and development production of high purity vitamin K2 series of products (such as vitamin K2£¨20£©(MK-4), vitamin K2£¨35£©(MK-7), etc.) and long chain polyterpene alcohol series of products (such as all-trans-geranyl geraniol of CAS: 24034-73-9, all-trans-geraniol acetalol of CAS: 22488-05-7, etc.) , besides we have realized the industrial production of vitamin K2 series products and long Chain polyene terpene alcohol series of products for the first time in China . In addition we also professional synthesis of long chain diacid and its derivatives (octadecanedioic acid, docosanoic acid, docosanoic acid and its single tert-butyl ester, etc.).More..
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